CakePHP Installation: Quick Start

CakePHP Installation Step by Step part 2: At previous post, we have learned about CakePHP. The next step that we need is install Cake to our local machine. As they promise, install and set up Cake in the local machine is not a very difficult. I will show in this post how do it.

Before, do this job, we must know what CakePHP need. Don't worry, Cake not ask high environment standard. It works with PHP4 and PHP5. Don't worry about compatibility issues. But, in this practice, I use PHP5. Using PHP5 for CakePHP application is definitely recommended.

I use Windows XP as operating system, Apache as web server, MySQL as database server, and PHP. This package called WAMP. You can use LAMP. The minimum version of PHP that needed is PHP 4.3.2. All later version of PHP should work fine. CakePHP is also can work with other web servers and database server.

Download CakePHP

When this tutorial written, there are 2 versions of Cake. Cake 1.1 and Cake 1.2. The more stable is 1.1 version and new 1.2. 1.2 is still beta version. Although beta version, the Cake community is very confident of this version, they said "stable beta software". In this tutorial, I use Cake1.1. You can try with 1.2.

Before follow this tutorial, please download cakePHP at Find download page by click download sign on the page.

Setting on Apache

In Apache, we need mod_rewrite module. About mod_rewrite module, we ever talked at this post. Following steps to load this module in Apache:

  1. Open directory conf in Apache. For example in my machine, located within C:/AppServ/Apache2.2/conf.

    apache configuration location
  2. Open httpd.conf. You can open use notepad or other code editor.
  3. Find:
    #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

    Uncomment become:

    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
    load mod_rewrite module in apache

Placing Cake Package

  1. Extract your compressed file that downloaded from to web root (for example, c:/AppServ/www).

    extract compressed downloaded file cakePHP
  2. Rename the folder become simple name folder like "cake".

    rename folder for CakePHP

Now, point your browser to http://localhost/cake. You should get like this:


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