CodeIgniter: Showing Simple All Data

CodeIgniter Step By Step Tutorial: We have set database and create table for CodeIgniter practice. Now, we learn how to show data in CodeIgniter. As we know, CodeIgniter use MVC pattern. We will use Model for retrieve data from database.

First, build a model. Create a file named "employee_model.php" within CodeIgniter/CodeIgniter\system\application\models. Enter following code:

codeigniter - model database

Next, we make a view. Create a file named "employee_viewall.php" within CodeIgniter\system\application\views. Enter folowing code:

codeigniter - view

Build controller. Create a file named "employee.php" within CodeIgniter\system\application\controllers. Enter following code:

codeigniter - controller

Now, try to point your browser to http://localhost/CodeIgniter/index.php/employee/getall


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