Joomla - Template: My First Template (Part 3)

Joomla Template Tutorial - Part 3: Now, we will build our first joomla template. We start from simplest layout. This posting focus on step by step creating simple joomla template.

  1. Open folder where joomla template placed. Assuming, the template folder within www/joomla/.
  2. Create folder, named "mytemplate".
  3. Open mytemplate folder. Create a file name "index.php".
  4. Create a file named "templateDetails.xml". Enter following code:
     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
     <install version="1.5" type="template">
     <author>Wiwit Siswoutomo</author>

    When read above codes, you can guess, it is like metadata for this template. Content this XML file is about our Joomla template information.

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