PHP MySQL: Editing Field Table

php mysql basic step by step tutorial - part 16: In one time, sometime the table that you have been made need some modification or changes. For example, the previous field type of char wants to change into varchar or the previous field length of char (50) wants to be widened become char (100). To change these field, you can use this syntax:

ALTER TABLE table_name MODIFY field_name field_type field_attribute

Example, we will change the field type of the data_employees table field position into char (50):

//the example of changing MySQL database field table

//database connection

$order1 = "ALTER TABLE data_employees MODIFY position char(50)";
$add_field = mysql_db_query("employees", $order1);
if ($add_field){
	echo ("<br><br>Field position succeeds in adding");
	echo ("<br><br>Field position fails in adding");

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