PHP Mysql Database Tutorial

PHP Mysql Database Step By Step Tutorial. Mysql is the most popular open-source database system.

What is Mysql?

  • Open source database system
  • like most modern Database Management Systems is based on the relational model, RDBMS.
  • Free
  • Run on Linux, Windows, Netware, AIX, and so on.
  • easily accessible through programming languages like PHP

Why Mysql?

  • Open source database
  • consistent fast performance & high reliability
  • ease of use
  • High Availability
  • Comprehensive Application Development
  • Management Ease
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Where You can get it?

  • You can download at mysql official website,
  • You can get mysql that packaged with php like in AppServ
  • For portable application, you can try XAMPP

How to use Mysql - PHP?

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