PHP - Number: Converting Between Degrees and Radians

PHP Number Tips - Part 16: If you want to convert an angle measurement from degrees to radians or vice versa, so you only have to use PHP's rad2deg( ) and deg2rad( ) functions such as:
//result: "90 degrees = 1.57079632679 radians "
$degrees = 90;
$radians = deg2rad($degrees);
echo "$degrees degrees = $radians radians ";

//result: "1.57079632679491 radians = 90 degrees"
$radians = 1.57079632679491;
$degrees = rad2deg($radians);
echo "$radians radians = $degrees degrees";

The formula to convert an angle measurement in degrees (D) to radians (R) is D = R*180/pi. Fortunately, PHP comes with a function to do it for you automatically: the deg2rad( ) function or if you have a value that is already in radians, you can convert it to degrees with the rad2reg( ) function.

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