PHP WDDX: Recordset Element

Web Distributed Data Exchange Step By Step tutorial - Part 7: recordset is a complex data type elements. Recordset element is used for tabular data. It is two dimensional data such as comma-separated value (CSV) or records from a database. You may think it is like struct element. yes, you are right. It is like struct element but only for two dimensional. That's why many people prefer to use struct than recordset because struct can contain more complex.

A recordset element contains any number of field elements as its children. it need two attributes: rowCount and fieldnames. The value of rowCount attribute is number of rows of data. The value of the fieldNames is a comma-separated list of the names of fields. Example:

We have table like this:

ID BOOK               AUTHOR
1  PHP Undercover     Wiwit Siswoutomo
2  PHP Webservices    Ilmia

Be transformed into recordset element:

<recordset rowCount="2" fieldNames="ID,BOOK,AUTHOR">
  <field name="ID">
  <field name="BOOK">
    <string>PHP Undercover</string>
    <string>PHP Webservices</string>
  <field name="AUTHOR">
    <string>Wiwit Siswoutomo</string>

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