PHP WDDX: Using Array Elements

Web Distributed Data Exchange Step By Step tutorial - Part 5: It is not like php array. In PHP array, we can have numeric or string indexes. At WDDW, array is only for numeric index. String based indexed array are handled with struct element.

if we want to write:

array(0=>'a', 1=>'b', 2=>'c', 3=>1, 4=>2, 5=>true)

We can use:

<array length='6'>

This is example using:

<wddxPacket version='1.0'>
  <header />
    <array length='4'>
	  <string>Wiwit Siswoutomo</string>

The important note: this is zero based arrays. Creating arrays that are not zero-based, such as array(2=>'c',3=>'d'), would result in a struct with named variables rather than array elements.

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