SimpleXML: Mixing With DOM Interoperability

PHP SimpleXML Step By Step Tutorial - Part 7: When we work with unknown elements, we can use DOM interoperability. First, we import nodes into the DOM extension. Next, access them using DOM properties and methods. See this sample:
$lib  = simplexml_load_file("test.xml");

$children = $lib->book->children();

foreach($children as $child){
  $element = dom_import_simplexml($child);
  $name = $element->nodeName;
  print $name.": ".$child;


You may get like this:

id: 1title: PHP AJAXauthor: Andreasdescription: This is good book for learning AJAXon_sale: 1

After importing nodes to the DOM extension, we can perform anything that supported by DOM like add new element, edit, or remove element.

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SimpleXML: Mixing With DOM Interoperability

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