Smarty Template Engine Tutorial

Smarty Template Engine Step by Step Tutorial.When doing web application development, it is important to make the separation between display design (presentation) work and creating application. Simply, you can create content before without having to consider display (presentation layer). Or, you can design the look without the care of application code. This is role that Smarty Templates want to play.

At first, Smarty want to act as 'Template Engine'. However, now they claim that not only as template engine. Smarty is a template/presentation framework. The word Framework refers to the smarty is no longer a simple tag of a template engine. He has focused on how to help you make an high-performance, scalability, security and future growth application.

So, What is Smarty?

  • Framework that concentrates on the separation of presentation layer

Why use Smarty?

  • Framework that allows you to separate between designing and writing job applications code
  • Quick and painless development

Where You can get it?

You can download from their official web:

How to use Smarty?

Smarty Template: Installation
Smarty Template: My First Smarty
Smarty Template: Basics That You Must Know
Smarty Variable: Associative Arrays
Smarty Variable: Array Index
Smarty Variable: Object
Smarty Variable: Variable at Configuration File
Smarty Variable: Reversed Variable
Smarty Variable: Variable Modifier

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