Speed Up Web Page Loading

Do you have web performance problem? Do you want to increase web page loading? Here, I try to collect all thing, you must know, how to speed up web page loading at client side. Begin from browser, machine or hardware, until connection. Please tell us if you have more idea.

1. Turn off automatic loading of images
By stopping automatic loading of images will improve web page loading significant. Fact, images consume most of bandwidth than 'core' of page, HTML.

2. Use Text Only Browser, Lynx
This is rather extreme choice. But, it really help when you don't need image at browser, may be just for reading news.

3. Turn Off Java
Now, Java is not popular thing for animated element (such as ads banner, animated GIF, etc). Java have serious performance problem, it can take 15 or 20 seconds to start up the Java Virtual Machine the first time you hit a page with Java in it.

4. Use a high performance machine
High performance machine will parse HTML faster. It will run java applets faster, retrieve from cache faster. But, it will not improve much if there is bottleneck at your network connection.

5. Use a better graphics card
By faster video card, your display and scrolling performance will improve. Use more video RAM (VRAM) on the video card. Your video performance is limited by your graphics card and CPU.

6. Don't always hope refresh/new version web page
Browser cache the web page that you view and then retrieve it from cache when your request again. But, maybe next time browser contact original server just make sure changing of every cached page. If web page has changed, the new will be downloaded.

For better performance, set your browser not always check original server every time. You can set such as "once per session".

7. Use high performance modem

8. Use high performance Internet Service Provider

9. Get a dedicated line

10. Use a proxy server for caching

11. Check DNS response times

12. Browse late at night or very early in the morning

13. Find a mirror site if the one is slow or down

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