Web Content: Protecting E-mail Address

Web Content Tips - Part 3: Because any spam out of there, we need protect our public email address from being captured by and e-mail address harvester. We ever talk about protecting email at here. At that post, we use JavaScript. In this post, we use different approach.

In this post, we try to modify text. Example, we want to display "me_you@sub.mysite.com". We will display become "me underscore you at sub dot mysite dot com". Look the code:

function protectEmail($email){
  $search = array(".", "@", "_", "-");
  $replace = array(" dot ", " at ", " underscore ", " dash ");
  return str_replace($search, $replace, $email);

$email = "me_you@sub.mysite.php";

echo protectEmail($email);
// result: me underscore you at sub dot mysite dot php

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