Zend Framework Basic Tutorial

Zend Framework is open source PHP Framework.

What is Zend Framework?

  • framework for building web faster and robust.
  • Created by the company main supporters of PHP, Zend.
  • Supporting web 2.0 and cloud computing technologies.

Why Zend Framework?

  • Free and open source framework
  • Extreme Simplicity
  • High productivity
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Supported by more than 300 contributor, include IBM and other major companies

Where you can get it?

Whenever You Need Zend Framework?

  • When building the web with sufficient complexity

Learn Zend Framework Intro

Learn Folder Structure
Learn Anatomy of Zend Framework Application
Learn Index.php as Single Access File
Learn Apache .htaccess
Learn Controller
Learn View

Learn Zend Framework Action

Learn Dynamic Content
Learn URL Structure and Controller
URL Structure and Action
Learn GET Parameters
Learn Header and Footer

Learn Zend Framework Database

Learn Database Intro
Learn Creating Input Form
Learn Inputing Data to Database
Learn Inserting Expressions to a table
Learn Creating List of Data
Learn Creating Editing Form
Learn Updating Data
Learn Updating Data Use Update Query From Zend Framework
Learn Deleting Data
Learn Delete Query Style
Learn Summarizing Action Controller

Learn Zend Framework Registry

Learn Setting and Reading Values
Learn Storing Array Values
Learn Working with Objects

Learn Zend Framework Config

Learn Using Array Configuration
Learn Creating File Configuration
Learn Using INI File Configuration
Learn Using XML File Configuration

Learn Zend Framework Login

Learn Preparing Database
Learn Creating Form Login
Learn Creating Authentication
Learn Fatal error
Learn Protected Page
Learn Creating Logout
Learn Creating Switching for Front Page

Learn Zend Framework Session

Learn Session
Learn Using Namespace
Learn Accessing Session Data
Learn Seing All Values at Namespace
Learn Locking and Unlocking Namespace
Automatic Expiration

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