Zend Framework Session: Automatic Expiration

Zend Framework Session Step By Step Tutorial - Part 6: We can set limited time for a namespace. For this feature, we called namespace expiration. Example, we want to count number of page request by a person in one minute. After 1 minute, he will be counted as new person. So, the code like this:

We try at loginform. Open UserController.php within application/controllers. Update loginFormAction():

  public function loginFormAction()
    $ns = new Zend_Session_Namespace('HelloWorld');

	    $ns->yourLoginRequest = 1;
    $request = $this->getRequest();      
	$this->view->assign('request', $ns->yourLoginRequest);
	$this->view->assign('action', $request->getBaseURL()."/user/auth");  
    $this->view->assign('title', 'Login Form');
    $this->view->assign('username', 'User Name');	
    $this->view->assign('password', 'Password');	

You can set only at a particular key (e.g, yourLoginRequest):


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