jQuery: Introduction

jQuery Introduction Step By Step Tutorial - Part 1: JQuery is a popular JavaScript library. With jQuery, you can build more interesting and interactive web page easy. jQuery automate common tasks and simplify complicated writing code. jQuery have ability to assist in wide range of task. This is one reason this library become popular choice.

What JQuery Does

  • Access parts of page. jQuery offers a robust and efficient selector mechanism for retrieving exactly the piece of the document that is to be inspected or manipulated.
  • Modify the appearance of a page. jQuery can bridge CSS browser standard gap.
  • Alter the content a page. jQuery can modify texts, images,list, and entire of the HTML. All with a single easy-to-use API.
  • Respond to a user's interaction with a page. The jQuery library have an elegant way to intercept a wide variety of events without the need to clutter the html code itself with event handlers.
  • Add animation. Implementing such interactive behaviors.
  • AJAX support. Retrieve information from server without refreshing a page.
  • Simplify common JavaScript task.

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