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Joomla! is one of the content management system (CMS) which is famous in the web world development. Time after time, Joomla! always get appreciation. The Joomla! user community is quite a few. So, you will not regret in learning and using Joomla!

If you just only know about Joomla! from your bestfriend, just thank to your bestfriend. By using Joomla!, there are a lot of web programming "ritual" that you should not have to be done. There are a lot of things that availables in Joomla! then you only have to use and to develop it.

In the beginning of this chapter, we will try the greatness of Joomla! In order to enjoy it, we have to make Joomla! presents in front of our eyes so that it can be stared and try. Joomla! is made of using the PHP language programming. So, in order to make it real then we have to install PHP first. In making it, we will use the Apache, MySQL, and PHP package. One of the famous packages is appserv. You can download it at www.appservnetwork.com.

After install the package, we will try to install Joomla! in the local server. I will try to guide you step by step and hopefully that you do not have any problems in it.

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