PHP Data Object/PDO Tutorial

PHP Data Object/PDO TOC Step By Step Tutorial PHP Data Object is a Database Connection Abstraction Library for PHP 5.

What is PDO?

  • a PHP5 extension written in a compiled language (C/C++)
  • a Lightweight DBMS connection abstract library (data access abstraction library)

Why PDO?

  • Support great number of database systems supported by PHP
  • You don't need rewriting of many line code for each database. Just write one and run anywhere
  • Speed. PDO written in compiled language, PHP libraries (ADOdb, PEAR DB) written in an interpreted language
  • Your software more easy to install. Do not need third party software

Whenever you need PDO?

  • You need portable application that support many database system
  • You need speed

How to use PDO?

PDO: Introduction PHP Data Object
PDO: Activation PHP Data Objects Extension
PDO: Connecting Use PHP Data Object
PDO: Portable Connection to Database
PDO: Posibble Fetch Mode
PDO: Error Handling
PDO: Prepared Statement
PDO: Positional and Named Placeholders
PDO: Insert and Update Statement Use Prepared Statement
PDO: Prepared Statement and Bound Values
PDO: Working With BLOBs
PDO: Alternative Retrieve BLOB Data
PDO: Setting Connection Attributes
PDO: Error Mode Attributes
PDO: Improve Performance with Persistent Connection
PDO: Getting Connection Attributes

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