Smarty Template: Introduction

Smarty Template Step By Step Tutorial - Part 1: Nowadays, programming world is more than complex than before. And need more team to build a product, not only programmer. We need analyst, graphic designer, content editor, and so on. And what we will talk is way of separating programming and art job. Absolutely, We can implement in web programming with PHP. Smarty is one of solution!

Smarty, a PHP templating system. Smarty allows designer and programmers to interoperate more effectively and not worry about each other's work. The designer builds the template for the web page layout. They extract data from php file that the programmer create.

Many programmer hate design. They feel wasting time so much when must design one page. yeah, it will be unproductive job. They just want to write code and send data to template without having to generate HTML code or design layout.

Smarty makes happiness for designers and programmers. They do different task but can be collaborated effectively. See below:

The programmer's task:

  • Retrieve data from database.
  • Validate and manipulate data.
  • Change the data access methods and the business logic.

The Designer's task:

  • Create HTML without affecting the programmers PHP code.
  • Make change to design without asking PHP programmer.
  • Don't worry with data access and business logic.

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